The Cole Valley Fair wouldn’t be complete without live music. There are two “stages”:  The “Hardly Hardly Strictly Stage” is on Cole Street at the intersection of Grattan Street at the south end of the Fair.  The “Outside Outside Lands Stage” is on Parnassus Street at the intersection of Cole Street in the middle of the Fair.  You can hear anything from beach tunes to indie rock to taiko drumming to a Grattan Elementary School kids band!


Hardly Hardly Strictly Stage (@ Cole / Grattan)

10:30am – The Dan LaPushin Trio

11:30am – Kotobuti Taiko

12:00pm – HIPSTERIA

1:00pm – Kotobuti Taiko

1:30pm – Dwayne Jarrell

2:30pm – Daniel and the Lion

3:30pm – Trancendental Hayride

Outside Outside Lands Stage (@ Cole / Parnassus)10:00am – Bob Scott

11:00am – Xian Yun Dance Performance

12:00pm – Commoner

1:00pm – Flying Rabbits of Baltimore

2:00pm – The Alleyways

3:00pm – The Tantrums

4:00pm – TBA