When can I set up and tear down?

You have 15 minutes prior to your time slot start to setup and 15 minutes prior to your end time to tear down.  So please plan on arriving at least 30 minutes prior to your performance slot so you can unload and then, 15 minutes prior to your slot, start setting up.  Note that you will be sharing the setup time with the band before you (they will be tearing down) so you should have your equipment in the area so you can spring to action immediately after the previous band ends and tears down.

What are the stage set ups?

There are two “stages” this year:  The “Hardly Hardly Strictly Stage” is on Cole Street at the intersection of Grattan Street at the south end of the Fair.  The “Outside Outside Lands Stage” is on Parnassus Street at the intersection of Cole Street in the middle of the Fair.  Each “stage” consists of an open-sided tent under which you can perform.  We’ll have chairs for you to sit on and also a table nearby on which you can layout merchandise.

Can we amplify our performance?

Yes, but limited. Small amps at tasteful volume levels are allowed (the Fair reserves the right to lower the volume if it is too loud). Although, please read the next note…

Is there a power source for our amps?

Unfortunately, we do not have a power supply.  So, if you want to amplify your performance, please bring your own battery power supply amp.

Is there a PA system and/or sound engineer on site?

No PA, no sound engineer, no mixing boards, none of that type of stuff. If you want to bring your own PA, mixer, laptop, iPad, amps, etc. that’s fine … but per the note above, you need to supply your own power source.